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Valentines Day 2021 featuring Fair Button Sweets!

Today is Valentines Day, and I like to feature my good friend, Hannah’s Fair Button Sweets!

Valentines for most of us equal something sweet. It could be your sweet gesture, or your sweet surprise. But for me, it’s more about sweet food! Cookies, Cake, Desserts, you name it! My heart is racing when I see all the valentine theme cakes and cupcakes posted all around social media. Creativity is boosted up! It’s like every single home this 2021 got their baking equipment, and oven ready. Except me! I really don’t have passion yet for baking, and I only got passion to eat hehe.

Good thing, there’s my baker friend, Hannah, to the rescue! She just started her baking business last year, and the first Fair Button Sweets treat I tried is her caramel bar!

Thanks for your generosity Hannah, for letting me try this caramel bars! My first impression is: it’s so huge!!! Way way bigger than Max’s!

I’m happy with the taste of her caramel bars. It’s soft and fluffy and sweet. Fair Button Sweets is not into intricate designs. It’s more about perfecting the taste first! That’s what matters right? You know when other bakeshop focus too much on the design, and that’s it? That’s not how it should be. Taste is # 1!

I’d like to pat you in the back Hannah! All those late night efforts perfecting your craft, and preparing all the ingredients, going to baking supplies and equipment store by yourself, we know it all! This is just the start. I’m excited for Fair Button Sweets to grow!

and maybe….see some heart shaped caramel bars soon?? True enough, for this Valentines day, I asked Hannah if she has giant heart shaped caramel bar. It was November 2020 when I tried her caramel bar, and I couldn’t get over it!

Fair Button Sweets still got their caramel bar on their baking menu, but there’s is yet heart shaped caramel bar. But there’s better options for me! ‘Cos she also got something new: chocolate crinkles and vanilla lemon cupcake!

If I’m not on a diet, I would also pick vanilla lemon cupcake. But I got this tendency to eat all up in a plate in one sitting, which spells disaster on my so called D-I-E-T. So to resist temptation, I ordered only chocolate crinkles for Joseph and I to share!

Presenting Fair Button Sweets’ Chocolate Crinkles!

First Impression: For me, it’s not your ordinary chocolate crinkles that you order in other bakeshop. While eating one piece I thought to myself “talagang nagfocus si Hannah on the inside”, ‘cos when you chew it, it’s a celebration to the mouth. You got the crisp on the outside, but on the inside, you got it almost melting, which I love.

I automatically unboxed this sweet goodness, so quick! Watch it here:

Thanks again Hannah!

To everyone, I wish you Happy Valentines!

Your valentine can be your man, your lady, your friend, or your family. What’s important is you show your love whether it be simple or grand. Treat everyday as Valentines Day!

That’s it for this blogpost!

For your orders visit her Fair Button Sweets pages, and send her a message:



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