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Trip to Ticao Island Resort Day 3 & 4: Beach, Kayak, Horseride & More

What better way to start your morning breakfast seeing these all lined up: the oven toaster, the woven basket, the plates, the condiments, the  instant coffee packs, and this homemade bread. All these neatly placed over checkered black and white table cloth like you were on a picnic at your backyard.

..but why only at your backyard?! When you could upgrade your morning picnic with this refreshing view of the beach and the coconut trees at Ticao Island Resort!

You may prefer to start your day with board games…

…but I did start my day with black coffee as usual. Are you also a coffee lover who could not start the day without finishing a cup of coffee as well?


Or are you a heavy breakfast person who go low on energy without bread and omelette?

Whatever your morning routine maybe, you better load yourself with lots of energy, positive vibes, and a wonderful smile to prepare yourself for all your activities ahead.

After breakfast, we went back at our Cabana, wore our lifevest, and prepared ourselves for our first beach activity!


We did not use the regular kayak like the one pictured above.


Instead we used this kayak with side support to maintain our balance.


It is advisable that for beginners, you kayak in pair like what we did because you will be paddling in vast sea, not just in swimming pool area, which makes difficulty more advanced.

Kayaking took us 2 hours because aside from the sea, we kayak around the river to see the mangrove trees and experienced a more calmer water.

It was in this activity that I was hoping I have with us a GoPro Hero 6. Our Canon G7X Mark II does shoot wonderful 4K videos but it has its physical limits too, such that it is not waterproof and I could not risk bringing it with me while kayaking.

After Kayaking, time to soak up in seasalt water!


We did not stay too long as to avoid sunburn, so we head back and prepared ourselves for our most favorite part of our trip: Lunch time!


After we ate our lunch, we took some rest from the exhausting kayaking activity.

When afternoon came, I did horseback riding just around the resort, for free!



Time to do other activities!

To be familiar with the areas nearby, we roam around the island’s vicinity.

..and we found a sari-sari store nearby!

My parents and sister decided to buy some chips!

While I thought of the activities we missed: scuba diving and island hopping.

Due to typhoon a few days before, scuba diving and island hopping was not advisable that time. 

But on the brighter side, maybe it was not what we needed at that moment.

What we needed is to enjoy what is there. how my parents enjoy their sweet moments together!

While roaming around the vicinity, I saw these horses!

I took a selfie with the brown horse and the sea shells I picked from the sea side…

..and I went home with this horse of course!

But Kuya Joy found out that I got his horse!

So he pulled us back from where I got the horse!

Naaaaaahh! I’m just kidding. Kuya is very kind to assist me in my horse riding activity around Ticao Island Resort.

He guided me from this forest trail..

IMG_0353 the beach area..


The sea was stunning! look at how it shimmer in broad day light! I took this with Canon G7X Mark II.

Time to take a break again from the activities to relax!


And have a closer look at these seashells!

We got to play around with this dog too!

And this puppy as well!

Seeing puppies here goes to show  that Ticao Island Resort is truly pet friendly!

More of our Ticao Island Trip soon in this blog!

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’til next time!

Happy Vacation Trip!


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