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Yurakuen: Diamond Hotel’s Japanese Restaurant

Experience Japanese Food at Diamond Hotel’s Yurakuen starting from their Bento meals to their Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki!

Sometimes, it is not just about the food, a full course meal matters also, and that is what Japanese cusine is giving us. That is what I experience in Yurakuen.

There’s unlimited green tea. I love their green tea so much, the server in kimono refill my cup as soon as she saw me emptied it.

It helps that we drink green tea before, after, and in between heavy meal as it aids digestion, especially meal-heavy Japanese food

There’s tuna appetizer. There were other restaurants who will surprise you with different kinds of appetizers. It may give you bang for your buck, but at times it feels overwhelming and may even give you a loss of appetite. At least tuna is common.

Wait, who eats canned tuna (century tuna, san marino tuna, and the like) everyday for that summer body or you eat canned tuna daily but you are not in a diet and are just saving up for something? Well, high five for you! Nothing beats cheap and easy to prepare tuna meals right? We might feature a blog soon about DIY recipes featuring our fave canned tuna.

Back to Yurakuen! Here it is. My bento box meal.

At first, the Yurakuen’s Bento Box reminded me so much of Tokyo-Tokyo Bentos Meals and Ramen Kuroda Bento Meals.

Here in my Yurakuen’s bento,there’s tempura, salmon sashimi, shrimp sashimi, grilled salmon with sauce, and egg roll.

Bulk up your low toned body part with exercise and this protein rich food. You may experiment by going to the grocery and copy what you see in pictures. But it pays to know first what a specific meal tastes like. I am just so happy I tasted salmon prepared and seasoned in different ways but a pic may not always tell you the difference. So experience food first hand and wonder what seasonings were added, wonder how it was prepared.

Yurakuen definitely knows I wanted tempura crispy only during photoshoot but when I am about to eat my tempura, I wanted it soggy, literally drowned in saucy goodness. While waiting for my tempura, I ate my pickles and the other dish in my set.

There are other bento box set like this one pic above.

There’s miso soup that I know a lot skip. But you never know, what you skip got the nutrition you need. So empty your plates and cups as courtesy to the one who prepared it and nourish your body with all these food serve for you.

What this japanese meal course is lacking is a vegetable dish. There may be seaweed in the miso soup. But I was looking for lots of green and red veggies for that complete meal.

Based on experience, I easily got full when I fill myself with rice in between meals. so what I do especially when my set is filled with heavy to the tummy sashimi,or if I am loaded with marinated and fried, I eat my rice last.

I eat and finish my tempura first, then proceed to next dish, finish it, repeat again,until I eat my rice last.

Doing this makes me enjoy the flavor of the dish and even the rice. Worth mentioning that their rice taste good and feels good to the tongue.

If you could not finish your rice that way, then why not mix in your miso soap with your rice like a congee diluted version.

What a great way to cap off a meal with this scoop of dark chocolate.Study says dark chocolate is healthy for the body. So now, don’t ever deprive yourself from sweets when there are a lot of proven healthy alternatives.

You are not just paying for the food here. You are paying for the hotel-resort-japanese style experience. That’s all in one in the heart of Manila. See that glass tree at the center area. It is huge, it almost shaded the round glass area of Yurakuen. Where else could you experience that? In Japan during winter or spring? Yurakuen is giving you food trip experience to the next level without having to fly miles.

This private area is where you and I need to experience next in Yurakuen. Yes, you already know there’s a grill in that table. Yes, a chef may help you grill your food. But this area gives you Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki. And from the pictures I see on the internet, I don’t need to worry about burnt food. I only need to worry about how I look when someone took a stolen shot of me drooling from amazement of quality dishes cook to perfection by high-calibre chef.

We hope you join us as we look forward to our next visit in Yurakuen featuring Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki.

But that’s it for now!

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Happy Food Trip!

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