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Doctor Diet Manila – Food Diet Delivery Review ( Part 5 – February 22 2021 )


I am inspired to write today because of the growing readers on my blog. Thank you for taking a bit of your time to read my blog! I work hard for this blog and this writing journey!


This blogpost is supposedly due last week because as of this time, March 06, 2021, Doctor Diet Manila already published their new weekly meal plan for the second week of March.

This meal plan I’ll be sharing to you was from Doctor Diet Manila’s 4th week of February weekly meal plan.

Doctor Diet Manila Weekly Meal Plan – February 22 – 26 2021

February 22 2021, Monday

Breakfast : Chicken Macaroni

I am used to Macaroni that is mayo-based and got lots of green onion because that’s how my mom prepare it. Others are more keen to macaroni that’s evaporated milk and condensed- based with fruity toppings. But I’m more leaning to the savory than sweet macaroni version.

This Chicken Macaroni from Doctor Diet Manila totally hit the spot for me.

This got me curious on how they prepare it though. Because it seemed to be heavy, and lite at the same time.

Breakfast : Coffee

I usually drink my coffee in the morning. So the Nescafe coffee stick provided by Doctor Diet Manila is consumed early on. How I wish there’s an alternative to coffee like tea or juice, especially for those who wanted to skip coffee. But I’m not complaining because Coffee is ❤.

Lunch : Mushroom Burger Steak and Egg

This Mushroom Burger Steak meal by Doctor Diet Manila is a familiar dish already, as we featured it on our Doctor Diet Part 2 : February 10 2021 blogpost here :

The difference is:  this dish has an egg, while the one we got on February 10, has pineapple slices.

I am okay with a dish being repeated as long as the taste is yum! Good thing, it still tasted amazing, just how I remember it! The burger patty is thick and prepared homestyle, and the gravy and egg combination makes it a complete meal for lunch.

Oh and by the way, this reminded me of Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak which I also featured in this blogpost:

Snack : Banana Cupcake

Snacks are also repeated and rotated too. So this banana cupcake is also featured in my previous blog post here :

Again, I’m okay with food or even snacks being repeated as long as its yum! And this sweet treat did not fail!

Snacks for me soothe our hunger pangs, prepare us to our main meal, and balance our palate after eating something strong and heavy.

Snack : Fruit

Sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo of the fruit but it’s either banana, apple, or dalandan.

Snack : Boiled Egg

Sorrry I wasn’t able to take a photo of the boiled egg. Boiled egg is included in 1800 calorie meal plan. My boyfriend Joseph has that included in his 1800 calorie meal plan. While I got none in my 1200 calorie meal plan.

Since snacks and fruits are not specifically mentioned in their published menu, for sure Doctor Diet Manila got more surprises to offer for us when it comes to snacks and fruits. Gosh, I love surprises!

Dinner : Shawarma Wrap

Who would not say no to Shawarma? I’m a fan of shawarma! During the old-normal days when I commute to/from work, I would go to SM food court before going home, and order Turks Shawarma. It’s one my fave dinner!

I love how Doctor Diet Manila present their Shawarma wrap. It’s open and it’s up to you whether you roll it and eat it by hand, or keep it as is like in the picture. I prefer to grab my spoon and fork and eat it as it is.

I also prefer to eat all the cucumber slices first (I go this mantra to eat my fruit and veggies first) And then proceed with dipping each spoonful of meat and pitta to the white sauce.

Dinner should be comforting, ‘cos it’s also preparing you for bed, and dinner is supposed to nourish and take your day stress away. And this shawarma wrap by Doctor Diet Manila, did all that.

Doctor Diet Manila Weight loss Results : I lost 2 kgs. in 3 days only!

On February 22 2021, I weigh 60.08 kgs. This is a sad moment for me considering I workout (though not consistent) since last year. I also was able to reach the 54 kgs weight loss last year but here I am again on a yo-yo weight cycle. My fault too ‘cos I love eating a lot too. But I’m not giving up this weight loss goal!
On February 25, 2021, that’s 3 days after, I weigh 57.940 kgs. That’s 2.14 kgs weight loss. I give credit to Doctor Diet Manila and my daily morning exercise to this weight loss.

Consistency is the name of the game here. As I was writing this today, March 06 2021, I weigh around 58 kgs. A little weight gain again as I am not consistent to ordering Doctor Diet Manila. I got a lot of cheats days too were I order my usual Grab food orders and I’m not consistent to my exercise routine, but I’m gonna tell you from my experience that this meal plan by Doctor Diet Manila really works (see that proof above!) And it’s up to you, your consistency, your habits, and your motivation to reach that goal.

Doctor Diet Manila Prices :

1200 calorie meal plan – PHP 390.00/day

1800 calorie meal plan – PHP 480.00/day

Note: I was prescribed a 1200 calorie meal plan by the nutrionist of Doctor Diet Manila. The pictures focused on this blog is a 1800 calorie meal (my boyfriend Joseph’s meal plan)

Aside from the two meal plan, they got different meal plan and sizes too depending on your goal. You can ask Doctor Diet Manila to plan for your healthy weight loss or weight gain, or maybe to help you control your Diabetes too.

That’s it for this blogpost! Part 6 (February 23 2021) of my Doctor Diet Manila diet delivery experience will be up next!

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